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August 25, 2000: i wish i was both young and stupid


"I'm not getting any younger."

I turned 33 early on this month. This seems as good a time as any to start taking steps to prolong what life I have left.

I guess most people probably take their birthday as a day of indulgence. Here's what I did:

The source of my exercise program is a slightly goofy book called "The Hacker's Diet" which is available online. It's written by the founder of AutoDesk (John something, slips my mind right now); I know AutoDesk primarily as the people behind AutoCad, but the gaming community knows them for 3DStudio and 3DStudioMax. It's written for engineering types like me who want to know how things work.

I'm also using the info from the book to guide my lame attempt at a diet, which I suspect won't work and I'll have to actually follow the book's formal plan, but we'll see.

People who knows me know I'm not hugely overweight and think it a little odd that I'm trying to lose weight, but I graduated from highschool in 1985 weighting about 125 (rather underweight since I'm about 6') and I now weigh about 170. It's really a bit worse than 3 lbs/year, though; I was only up to about 135 in 1992, so it's more like 5/year the last few years. It ain't going to go down naturally. I suspect my ideal weight is around 145-150, which is a little under the typical ideal weight for a small frame 6' person.

Most of that weight has gone to one place (although my face also fleshed out a bit--and I still find it weird the extra bit of my face I can see when my eyes look down), and I really don't like it there. It's disproportionate to the rest of my (still skinny) body, and it feels icky when I run. So it's coming off.

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