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March 19, 1999: no sleep and no mad video machine


I was up until after 6am this morning in a meeting with my friends at the GDC. (6am California time, mind you.) When we finally all retired, I hadn't arranged for anywhere to sleep in advance (the whole thing was pretty last-minute), but one of the people I stayed up late with hooked me up with a room to sleep at that point--the spare bed in the room of his "agent", who was quite nice about it for being woken up at that hour.

Of course, he woke me up before 10 telling me he needed to give a demo (in the hotel room). But he was kind enough to bring me a muffin and OJ when he woke me up.

Most significant thing I learned at the conference: Money can't solve every problem. The grass is always greener. Shouldn't be a surprise, but it was depressing to hear some stories about companies where I'd have thought things would be happier.

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