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April 26, 1999: can't think straight my mind's a mess


I still haven't heard from Paul. (Technically, we weren't so much playing phone tag as me calling him and never managing to even leave him a message. We exchanged some email, and the ball is currently in his court.) After him riding me at GDC for not having returned his email, I finally did when I got back. It turned out that email had been from an account he didn't check very often, so he didn't reply for two weeks. And now he hasn't for a while again. It's a little weird to get the "I'm desperate to talk to you" vibe and then get no feedback. It may be that the business situation has shifted again and the thing that motivated it originally no longer applies. I don't know. I'm not sure whether he is interested in something in general or if there was a particular opportunity that had arisen that summoned him

I goofed off the last two days. I need to get cranking on that task for checker.

I've been thinking about writing a book on using OpenGL. I'm a nut. I've only been writing OpenGL code for six months. But I noticed there doesn't seem to be a useful FAQ of a certain type, and I was thinking that something in the style of the Perl Cookbook, which would present good, solid solutions to some obvious or common problems, might be cool. I know 3D graphics well enough to understand the issues, and I'm good at solving problems. Really, OpenGL is straightforward enough that I'd consider myself an expert at the API, although I don't have familiarity with a lot of implementations and hence the various tradeoffs of various approaches.

I'd also like there to be an OpenGL FAQ for game developers with information on the deployment of extensions, known limitations of hardware and of drivers, etc. This would be a big help for make design decisions without having access to all of the hardware. I may have to organize this myself, too.

I should write something for talk.bizarre.

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