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April 27, 1999: i know you like perfection

Wednesday morning, early

I did a random web search to find some information, and then, as I often do, decided to hunt around the rest of the author's web pages.

In this case, it was someone I didn't know but was part of a community I had once belonged to, so I knew the author by reputation, at least.

I clicked on an interesting sounding rant, and, you know, the rant was indeed kind of interesting--about the crappiness of life and the crappiness of relationships and stuff.

Then I came to a paragraph in which was described the crappy relationship of an unnamed friend--expressing concern that she stuck with it. And, you know, it was kind of funny... it sounded a lot like a description of a relationship I was in six years ago... although it involved a few details I had never been sure about.

And, you know, the rant is said to have been written six years ago.

And, you know, the woman I was involved with belonged to the same community as the author and I.

There isn't much detail there to go on--to be sure--but it seems pretty likely. The few details that are there, that I know about for sure, match too perfectly, although you might get the wrong idea if I discussed them (that's why I'm not linking to it, either).

I don't mind so much that it makes me sound like a total jerk--it's not like anyone else knows it's about me. I don't mind that the author took for granted the version of events presented, without listening to my side of the story. It's not really important. It's supposed to be a biased viewpoint, in some sense.

What I really mind is that it took six years for me to find out exactly why we broke up. (I had always assumed that it might have been something like that, but I never knew.)

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