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May 9, 1999: i'm quiet, i suck


I was gone for the weekend to Exeter, New Hampshire to attend the wedding of my cousin Jim. The last two journal entries were actually written a while back, and had been saved for a rainy day. I posted them before I left, so the dates were slight lies. And those would have been particularly bad days for someone to come along and read, thinking that might reflect how the journal would be, so I added a warning to the top and I'll try to remember to do so in the future as well.

I'll have to talk about what it's like being shy sometime. I did better than I would have expected, given that, of sixteen core family members at the various events, I knew two very well, one somewhat, and two more I had met once--two and twenty years ago respectively. I'm not sure how well I would have done if I hadn't known anyone well to start with, although admittedly I didn't rely on them to get into conversations particularly either.

If I had previously discussed my introversion, I would go ahead and catalog my social interactions, and you'd see how it mostly lay just beyond how I thought I tended to be. Without that context, though, it would just be a meaningless list of events. So I'll scribble down the events now so I won't forget them, and once I've gotten more context down I'll interpret the catalog.

I finally connected with Paul and had lunch with him last Thursday (May 6th). I need to wait and see where this leads before I comment on it in public--I'm only mentioning it now because I realize I left the whole thing hanging.

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