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May 13, 1999: in the dream i fall into the sleepless sea


The other day I mentioned how I often don't really even think to apply to myself words that apply to other people. For example, I have weird sleeping habits. I can't really fall asleep at a particular time--I just have to fall asleep when my body wants to. This seems to be either due to me having a longer-than-24-hour natural cycle which dominates, or possibly just being heavily nocturnal. (I tend naturally to cycle around until I'm on a night schedule, at which point I have to exert some conscious effort to keep cycling around further.)

It's not clear from reading Merriam-Webster whether this qualifies as insomnia. Were I forced to wake up everyday at an early time, however, I would most likely find myself in bed, needing to sleep, and being unable to. This would match the dictionary definition. (My solution to avoid the problem is to stick to jobs where I have more flexibility.)

Another probable meaning for insomnia would be the notion that insomnia is the term for being unable to sleep even though you're tired. This is not a problem for me (assuming you appropriately distinguish body-tiredness from brain-tiredness). When I'm tired, I pass out.

On reflection, I tend to assume the latter is what is meant; further research is necessary. But the relevant issue is that I just kind of automatically assumed: insomnia is some thing that happens to other people, whereas the thing I'm experience is just Sean-sleep-weirdness. It just never crossed my mind to think about whether this word used to describe sleep problems for other people, insomnia, might apply to me, until someone on a mud asked me whether that was what I meant by sleep weirdness.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go pass out.

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