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May 15, 1999


Oh, the Quake 3: Arena test is out, so I can mention just what the secret volunteer task I've been doing for checker is.

checker is managing a "product" called GLSetup, which provides a systematic install process for getting consumers up-to-date OpenGL drivers for their machines, so that game companies can actually ship games that use OpenGL instead of Direct3D. (The latter being the system that Microsoft developed and is pushing, for which MS provides a convenient install program.) checker and the other two involved companies realized that without a central authority (like MS) to do this, it was never going to happen unless somebody just went and did it; individual game companies weren't going to tackle it on their own, and the IHV (Independent Hardware Vendors) weren't about to get together and organize it.

I'm just writing sample code--a library that handles dynamically loading the driver (necessary because MS didn't allow for the possibly of a standalone 3D accelerator, like most 3dfx boards), and sample code that demonstrates using it and getting in and out of fullscreen mode (again, necessary because MS never released the DirectDraw bindings for OpenGL because, well, let's face it, MS for whatever freako political reasons wants to own the 3D API, even though there's no money to be made from it). I say 'just' because the big deal is the actual installer code used by consumers, as opposed to what I'm doing which is just for developers.

It's all mostly "done" (needs to be polished to be happy), except I can't get the DirectDraw stuff that checker said would work to work. Harumph. And I need to test with a 3dfx standalone board and make sure I didn't break that case.

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