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May 16, 1999: tell now, what is dreaming


On Friday I met with Tom and Mahk from my old company to talk about the possibility of me going back to work for them. Last night I stayed up late talking to Doug about the whole situation.

I mention this to provide context... last night I dreamt... well, I dreamt a bunch of things that I couldn't clearly remember. The only thing I remembered when I woke up is that I dreamt id software had offered me a job. Actually, I could give a lot more details about it--I remember quite a bit, but I'll just sketch the simplest bit: I was talking to Brian Hook, and he said they didn't have anything that was really my specialty (rendering or other technological programming), "But actually, we are looking for somebody to do XYZ", where I don't know what XYZ was anymore because I think it was nonsensical.

For just a little more context, the last night of the Game Developer's Conference I crashed in a hotel room with Brian Hook, so dreaming a conversation with him was entirely within the scope of plausibility.

I'm playing with doing a little Harper's Index-style statistic at the top of every page. They will generally come in sets of related concepts (perhaps even punchlines). I just realized that this sort of rips off the fact-table at the top of Scott Liles' journal entries in Medea's Memoirs.

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