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May 23, 1999: scenes like these from my dreams


I'm on that crazy schedule again; to bed at 7am, awake at 6pm.

Last "night" I dreamt a lot of stuff. I can't remember that much of it anymore--not enough to tell a coherent story.

We were driving somewhere. We--I don't know who 'we' was. Maybe my extended family. There were a lot of us, split into multiple cars. There was a lot of excitement on the drive, a lot of little incidents, but I don't really remember them in enough detail to describe them. I just remember a lot of 'fight/flight' reactions.

Then we were in some sort of tiny restaurant eating dinner, and I just remember having to rearrange things trying to make sure there was enough room for everyone.

But the interesting bit was when I had to spend the night somewhere. I was trying to sleep on a sofa. There was a closed door with a window leading to the foyer from the room I was in. On the other side of the door was an enormous black bird sitting on some kind of stand. The stand was a horizontal bar mounted on a vertical bar with a circular base (actually, I think once in a while it was a tripod). The bird, which I identified as a raven in my dream, but was much more like a big eagle, I think, flew around once in a while, but spent most of its time rocking the stand back and forth on its base until it was about to fall over, then adjusting its position and restabilizing the stand, with an end result that it would roll or shift the base all around the foyer. Apparently this was something of a game for it.

I remember thinking it was fortunate that the door was soundproofed. It looked like the bird was pretty noisy.

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