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June 2, 1999: say hello to your new creation


Well, by some strange coincidence, somebody told somebody else about Meat Wars, and lo and behold, in the 5-28 edition of NTKnow on, in the MEMEPOOL section, there is a link entitled "better than that ASCII WARS rubbish".

I am trying to monitor my account activity closely, because I pay $1 per 10M of bandwidth. I think. Unfortunately, my ISP has chosen a bad time for the charge-monitoring command to stop working, but I can still look at access logs.

It's a little more than 1c per visitor, so not really too bad, and I guess if somehow I got slashdotted and 20,000 people visited my site, I could afford the $200 once in my lifetime. But I may move it all over to geocities just in case.

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