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June 8, 1999: life was easy when it was boring


Wow, a long time between updates. Well, here's why.

First of all, I talked to Joe on Friday, but I cannot comment publically on events at this point in time. An unfortunate side-effect of the fact that none of this is anonymized.

Second, I'm still working on the script; I worked around the plot hole I mentioned before. I didn't have to change the story, just rewrite some of the ending. While I was in there, I rewrote the ending a bunch without actually changing the story, just making an attempt to spice it up a bit.

As a result of the delay before I started writing again, the rewriting, and the fact that I actually went through and cut out some material as I discovered exactly where the plot was going, my current page count hasn't gone up anywhere near as fast. (I'm now at 3500 lines.) Also, the heat wave has dampened my productivity.

But I'm still whittling away at it.

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