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June 19, 1999: the words you use should be your own

Saturday night, late

Still here. Wrote some more on Friday, but I'm taking today and tomorrow off from writing--I've been doing it nonstop for more than two weeks. I'm up to 5400 lines; I'll probably aim for about 5700 lines, so that when I go back through the script to add more gags I have some breathing room.

On the other hand, the main reason I stopped where I did wasn't because I had reached the end of my work day--it was because I got totally stumped for how to end it. I connected up the storyline with my climactic battle scene--that is to say, that's the first 5400 lines of the script, whereas in the past it was in two disconnected pieces--and I'm all set for things to move on to the final setting, but I haven't figured out what the conclusion should be, or what the setting should be, despite my much vaunted problem-solving ability. Trust me, fictionally, it's no big deal that I didn't decide it in advance; I just need to come up with something that feels satisfying given the whole scenario--I don't have a lot of threads to tie up.

I have a bunch of things to actually talk about, but I didn't get around to writing this until I was too tired to think and it's time for bed. (7am, and I'll need to be up at 1pm on Monday, so I should have gone to bed sooner. I find it nearly impossible to shift my schedule backwards, though.)

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