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June 22, 1999: a fever of confession, a catalogue of crime


Ok, I want to get this context down. I'll argue with the other web journalists on another day.

Why I Write Spew

Mainly because I just wanted to write a web journal so it would give me an excuse to write the affiliated software.

No, if that was true, I would have stopped writing ages ago.

I really write it because I like to write. I often have ideas about stuff which don't belong on the main Usenet newsgroup I frequent. Spew is my personal usenet newsgroup, on which I can post about anything I want. Of course, nobody ever followsup, which is good for signal-to-noise ratio, but not for sustaining a dialogue. Maybe I should start providing links to people who reference my journal entries.

Spew is about whatever I feel like talking about. Usually it's inspired by thoughts in my life. It's often the sort of stuff I'd have thought about during a twenty-minute commute to work. Now, instead, I put it down on a page.

It's often philosophical or about my opinions. Sometimes it's just about what's going on in my life. The first few entries were like that, simply because those entries are bogus entries generated all at once to provide a context for the text that really begins the series.

Write about what you know, "they" say. Well, I surely know about me. But I moreover favor the aphorism write about you care about, or even the one that I believe I'm inventing on the spot: write about what you want to read.

One thing I used to find ironic (er, well, maybe I'm Alanisizing here) was that while I was in college I would get asked for relationship advice from people (and would feel free to give that advice) even though I had had only one very short relationship three to five years prior. But I actually think I knew what I was talking about, because I had observed a lot of relationships from the outside, and I think that objective opinion may actually serve better.

In other words, you can learn a lot about life and about humans by learning what happens to other people; how they approach problems, how they deal with conflicts, how they tie their shoes. Oops, sorry, thought for a moment I was working on my script.

This is one of the things I find I get out of reading other people's web journals; I learn about how other people live their lives. What it is to be someone else. In some sense, it's an argument: not only biographies of famous people are relevent.

Anyway, by this theory I'm going to show you how I live my life, and, upon occasion, how I've lived my life. I don't know what you can glean from it; maybe it'll be pointless. Maybe I am so weird and twisted that there's nothing universal to learn from it. But I'm going to try.

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