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June 23, 1999: i guess the joke's on me


I wrote:

It's a little more than 1c per visitor, so not really too bad, and I guess if somehow I got slashdotted and 20,000 people visited my site, I could afford the $200 once in my lifetime. But I may move it all over to geocities just in case.

Meatwars got "Slashdotted" today. (Well, late yesterday.) The bill for the month to date is about $50, or about 500M of traffic, or about 2500 hits. That's all kind of nice, I guess, although it hasn't generated any mail. Or rather, one piece of mail from an ex-coworker, so that doesn't quite count.

In fact, a couple of people on a mud who liked Red Meat didn't "get it", which made me realize I never explained what was supposed to be good about it in the original Meat Wars journal entry. It's not that they work as individual "humorous" Red Meat cartoons; it's that you can tell the story, you can sustain the narrative using only Red Meat comics. No special effects, no crowd scenes, etc.

Special note: Meat Wars went up in September of 1998. No doubt the reference led to it showing up on slashdot. Took a while for it to get around, eh?

Script update: I am lame. I took off from working on it over the weekend. Then on Monday, I went in to talk to Paul again. This only took an hour or two, but was the focus of my entire day, so I didn't write. Yesterday I decided to pursue something my brother has been bugging me about, namely putting some of my music onto a CD (just burning CD-Rs, not a major production). So I spent the night going through my mixdown tapes and pulling material off those. For the ones that I can find the 4-tracks, I'll remix them down to digital from the masters. So that was how I spent yesterday.

Today I logged in, discovered I had been slashdotted and spent an hour dealing with that in various ways. Then I went to Microcenter to buy a new power supply for my computer so I could use my CD-R. This also required actually opening up my machine and pulling out the old power supply, etc. I also ended up not being able to use the power supply. I'll talk about this in a forthcoming entry.

Now that I'm done writing this log entry, I'm going to go sit down and work on the script. I had a plot idea that pulls in some material that had so far just been thrown in for fun, so that's cool. I also think I'm going to do some significant rewriting and give the characters more visible arcs. I think it's really not necessary in this sort of movie, but I might as well; it'll be good experience.

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