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June 28, 1999: the heat goes on and the heat goes on


In a previous entry I catalogged many of the odd time signatures that appeared in my music. I just finished up the liner notes for the CD I mentioned I was burning for my brother. I decided that since rhythm is such a focus of the music, as opposed to, say, lyrics, that where some music comes with the lyrics to all the songs, I would write down the meters for all of the songs.

Each of these is an ingredients list. The first meter is the "predominant" meter of the piece, and the successive listings are in most-frequently occurring order. Two of the pieces include sections that are intentionally just a string of randomly different lengths, and I haven't bothered writing down the details on those.

So here's the list:

In other news I continue to blame my lack of productivity on the heat. It's not just that I haven't gotten any scriptwriting done, it's that I haven't gotten anything done. Ok, yeah, I finished off the initial pass at the CD burning, but I was mostly done that when I wrote about it before.

I did actually sit down and write on Wednesday, but my plot isn't resolving. I have a character (or maybe two) for whom I need to figure out what happens in the end, and to figure out how to integrate that with everything else. Other than that one fact, I have enough ideas to bring it all together, but I can't really write any of it until I solve the plot problem. I'm not sure why a solution isn't hitting me faster. I've got a pretty open canvas I can use; and that idea I mentioned on Wednesday is a good idea that will lead to a nice tie-up. I just need to integrate this one character.

I guess I'll just keep blaming the heat.

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