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July 18, 1999: i was looking for a job and then i found a job


I haven't updated in a while. Four contributing factors: dealing with the job situation; two days without net access due to a disabled phone line; yet another heat wave prompting general lethargy; and not much to say, due to a shift into consumptive mode.

I am going to return this week to the land of full-time employment, via a job at Looking Glass. I'm not sure how that's going to shake up this journal; I expect to put in a lot of hours there, but I will probably consider most of the subject matter off limits for various reasons. (Talk about a slow process: the pursuit of this job was first referenced on April 19, but had been in progress since the end of the GDC.)

In other news, I tried to gear back up for writing, rereading all of my second script--at least all that's written--so that I could continue working on it, but didn't find myself inspired. I do still plan to finish it and then return to my first screenplay, and I still have a lot of ideas I'd like to work on. I have a number of novels I'd like to adapt into screenplay form--useless in practice without having an option for the material, but entirely practical if I consider the intention to simply be for the writing experience.

But for the most part I shifted from being a creator to an experiencor--from a producer to a consumer, turning a past experience into a trend. Works of speculative fiction consumed in the last week:

I think I will refrain from reviewing materials I have lately consumed, both today and in general in this journal; while I can see reasons it could be of practical value, I think it slips the focus from my intention in keeping this journal. I will at least note that the last book falls below my "worth-reading" threshhold.

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