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August 2, 1999: wide wide open spaces


I switched bedrooms today, from my old cramped 138 sq. ft. room to a new 238 sq. ft. room, because one of my roommates moved out, moving back to California.

Here you can see the result of me having just shoved everything from my old room into the new room. There's really no space; the stuff visible in the bottom of the panorama is all actually adjacent; the chair and the table have about a foot and a half of separation--note the monitor behind the chair and the corner of the same monitor next to the computer next to the table; also the chair is right in front of the keyboard. So there's perhaps 15-20 sq. ft. of open space at this point in time.

Those sizes of the rooms are estimates. I tied two 6' shoelaces together, added markers at the 1/3 and 2/3 point along one of them (so I could measure 6', 8', 10', 12'), and went off and measured.

The old room was, roughly, 9' x 12', with a little niche that was about 5' x 3.75'. (The room was effectively an L, with the niche the foot of the L.) The new room is about 14' x 17', although the corners are angled in on one side, so it's slightly smaller.

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