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August 21, 1999: let bitter silence infect the wound


I spent the last week working and playing System Shock 2. Fun game. Nothing to do with my name in the credits, honest. I didn't really work on it at all. It just used some code that I wrote.

The week before that, I actually was playing X-Com: Enemy Unknown (U.F.O. Defense) for the fourth time. Boy, are the graphics dated. Man, is it a great game.

The week before that I had a birthday which I didn't celebrate in any way shape or form. I worked, I came home. Our phone line was dead for that day and the day after, so I didn't even get to hang out with my friends online. Oh well.

I mail-ordered a new toy for my birthday, a Roland VG-8. Expensive guitar effect sort of thing. I'll tell you more about it someday. You'll hear it if I ever do another audio diary entry. Anyway, it finally came this past monday, but I decided I wouldn't play with it until I finished setting up my room--and that was blocked on me finishing System Shock 2, which basically consumed all my free time until I finished it a few days ago. (I just finished the Overworld Zero minigame today, too.)

To arrange the room, I measured everything (I have new revised measurements of the room dimensions, which are a bit smaller than I claimed before), and cut out little pieces on graph paper, and arranged them manually (saves a lot of effort compared to moving everything around). I was going to take pictures of my little test layouts, but the pencil was unreadable. I need to relabel them with pen and then take pictures. And make a new panorama. But while I've laid out all the big stuff, I still have piles of junk everywhere I'm suppose to be sorting through.

Soon. Soon.

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