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September 11, 1999: in every dream home a heartache


I was in an airplane with two women. We were flying down a sort of corridor of landscape. Then we were plunging down, skimming along the ground, and heading towards a thick forest, which we couldn't possibly fly through.

Next thing I knew, we had landed somehow, and the police pulled up alongside us. They were in a weird boat, and there were two cops. I realized they weren't here because we had crashed, but rather, they had pulled us over. One of them talked to the pilot, while the other one looked over the boat, searching for contraband or something. The two women had disappeared, but I didn't comment about it.

Eventually, the police decided to leave. I got up out of my seat and said to one of them, "Hey, can I come with you?" I didn't trust these people, not because the police had searched them, just because I hadn't liked that whole flying into the trees thing.

The cop who had talked to the pilot said something I couldn't make out, shaking his head at the same time. I sat back down, and we left.

The two women appeared sitting behind me again. They had pulled blankets overthemselves and the cop was none the wiser.

I was in a mansion with one or two other people (the same women, maybe?) We were in a wide open room with a big dramatic stairway leading up. We walked across the room, and I heard a sound and looked back, and there was this weird featureless box there, which I didn't think had been there before.

We went up the stairs, and I heard the same sound again, and I looked back, and now there were two of them at opposite ends of the room from each other.

We went into a room at the top of the stairs, and I looked back down, and each of the featureless boxes morphed into a giant chess piece, one a queen, one a king. The pieces slid across the room, following slowly curved paths as if they were continually moving forward but slowly turning.

I realized that both of the pieces, unlike real chess pieces, had "fronts", with some sort of devices mounted on the front of the head, and I ducked out of sight when one of the pieces had nearly turned to face me, suspicious that they had some sort of visual detector.

A little later I decided to test my theory, and allowed myself to be visible when one faced me. Sure enough, it stopped turning, and I ducked out of the way just as it fired a laser in my direction!

"Thank god it can't climb stairs," I thought.

Then I heard a "clump", "clump", "clump" sound.

"Damn! It's climbing the stairs!"

Fortunately, the stairs had turned into some sort of loose jerry-rigged setup that I was able to push away so it no longer led up all the way to the room we were in, and it couldn't get to us.

Meanwhile, the other people had been exploring the upstairs, and found an alternate route. Then they discovered something useful--the laser beam was actually coming from somewhere else and being reflected by the chess pieces, not fired from the chess pieces.

The place they were coming from was just a "dumb" laser source, which couldn't fire directly at us. So we scrounged around and found reflective surfaces, then one of the other people distracted the chess pieces while I placed the reflective surfaces in front of the laser sources. Then when the chess pieces tried to fire, the laser bounced off our trap, destroying the sources.

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