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October 9, 1999: riding on an incline


The last three days, I altered my stride for climbing those aforementioned stairs.

Where before, I counted 34 and then 19, on Wednesday I counted 41 and 17. This is because my new stride was significantly faster up the first escalator, but I was a bit tired at the end and went up the second slower. I continued experimenting with it on Thursday and Friday, both days getting 41-42 steps; though on the latter day, my legs were so fatigued that I switched to climbing every step when I hit the halfway point on the second escalator.

The "new stride" is almost like running, just short of running. I was experimenting with conserving energy while going up the escalator by trying to keep my torso as steady as possible (since bobbing it up and down while stepping up seems to be a source of slowdown). However, it turns out that to do this, I seem to sort of slouch down a bit--which makes sense, since if I want it to be steady, it's got to be at the low point, not the high point. The upshot of that, though, is that while it works--I can take longer, faster moving strides--I actually seem to consume more energy making my legs stretch futher or more awkwardly or something. Of course, if I want speed, I could just run up the escalator, but running is way more energy inefficient, and presumably worse on the joints.

Next time the escalator is disabled, I'll make sure to count the stairs on my way up, and put that to rest.

And, of course, I'll still owe you pictures of my room, the correct measurements for it, and pictures of the little virtual room built on graph paper I used to lay the stuff out. I haven't finished unpacking, cleaning, and reorganizing since moving (still, 9 weeks later), which is of course the mandatory first step before I provide this info.

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