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October 25, 1999: i like the way it moves my toes


Sometime in August or September, I had let my toenails grow too long, and my new shoes weren't quite right or something, and I managed to tear my left big toe's toenail, just bending over and standing up a lot setting up my computer at work. (Hey, an on-the-job injury!) At the time it hurt a bit, but it felt like one of those hurts like "oops, don't do that again" not like "oops, I've really messed something up".

Apparently, I never look at my feet or something, because it took me a week or so to realize I had actually torn it, and a fair part of it was a little loose.

I decided to tough it out and just let it grow out, but the tear has been slowly spreading across the rest of the toenail. Today it was finally close enough to off that I put it out of its misery.

It's only a small fraction of the toenail--the original tear was perhaps a little less than half, and it's grown out a bit. If you want to see the gory details, click here. Actually, it's not at all gory; that's just the fragment of toenail that finally came free, and it's perfectly clean. For a sense of scale, I've perched it close to my fingernails. Actually, that's less than the whole original tear, as I clipped off some of it at some point as it was growing out--but you can't see the clip boundary on the top edge, because the top visible edge is the torn edge.

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