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October 26, 1999: what a perfect mess


Remember how in early August I moved into a different room, and I promised an updated panorama?

Well, I still don't have it yet, but I rearranged my room again, so I did update and get pics of the little graph paper model of my room that I used to lay everything out. However, I lost some of the bits of paper, and didn't feel like making new ones, so I drew in the missing items.

Here's my old room:

Things were a bit crowded, as you can see. The funny three-pronged things off to the left are my guitars, sitting on stands; there are and were actually five of them.

Here was the initial layout of the new room:

Much less crowded, even with a larger bed.

However, I decided that having the bed by the outside wall, by those three windows, is unwise, as it appears to be the coldest part of the room. So I moved it across to the other side, and am still in the process of finishing the move. Here is the plan:

At the bottom right is a wardrobe sort of thing to make up for the fact that this room has no closet. It was in the same spot before I rearranged the room; the original plan did not exactly describe how things stood before the rearrangement.

If you'll look closely, you'll see that the funny-shaped blob at the top right (an electronic drum kit) has less space than it did before, because the column of stuff to its left has moved over a bit to avoid the bed. That column of stuff is where I sit typing right now: a set of shelves with the monitor on it, a keyboard sitting out from the shelves, and a chair in front of them.

Those drums don't actually take up less space; but since I don't have a little piece of graph paper for them, I didn't realize I had reduced their space. So at the moment, the shelves are still back in the old location, and the chair is kinda crowded up against the bed.

I could consider ditching the bed since it takes up a lot more space than my old futon, but actually, I stuff a lot of miscellaneous junk underneath, which I couldn't with a futon on the floor. So I don't think there's much to gain that way.

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