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December 19, 1999: thinking like that i won't make any friends


I went out on a first date today. Interesting. I don't feel it would be appropriate to say anything about it, I dunno, it would just be weird.

I "met" her through a computer matchmaking system. I was actually pretty unsatisfied with it--didn't seem to be anyone on it who seemed at all interesting to me when I tried searching for the people who matched what I was looking for. For some reason I was just browsing anyone who was logged on at the same time as me, though, and suddenly bumped into someone who sounded neat and actually worth sending mail to.

I guess it's all sort of creepy, but this sort of automatic selectivity is kind of cool--I can trivially imagine being friends with her, and its neat that just that could be automated.

By some bizarre quirk of fate, all three of the women that were interesting enough to me for me to be willing to email all happen to live in Somerville, even though I wasn't selecting on that at all when browsing. Since I don't have a car, I probably should be limiting my attentions somewhat, but it was amusing that I didn't have to.

Maybe it's just that all the cool people live in Somerville.

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