This file documents the initial release of the stb_herringbone_wang_tile.h library on 2014-07-07. Datasets added after that date will appear in the github repository (in the "data/herringbone" directory) without necessarily being added to this page.

C/C++ library


Sample programs

In the "tests" directory of the github repository, look at:

Data sets

For each tile set below, there is a sample map; click through to get the tileset used to generate it, which can be directly handed to stb_herringbone_wang_tile.h.

Tilesets are colored differently from the sample maps because black&white maps are easier to interpret, but the tileset template uses black to mark the edge of the tiles and thus is easier to manipulate when it doesn't use black as a color.

Note that you can directly edit the tileset pngs before loading with the stb_herringbone_wang_tile.h library, but the library does not actually look at the template markings or edge/corner colors in the tileset; rather, it assumes the edge/corner colors match what they were when the template was generated; this data is encoded in the top-rightmost three pixels.

So if you edit or especially recolor the tileset, make sure you don't edit or recolor the top-right three pixels.

Rooms & Corridors