I M So Goofy

by nothing nothings


sean at
nothings dot org

I M So Goofy is my fifth "24-hour album" intended to meet the constraints of the Album-A-Day project. It was written, recorded, and mixed in about 21 hours on November 15, 2003.

The song titles were suggested by numerous friends of mine; thanks to Zvi, Adam B, ddyte, Elsie, and elthar.

I M So Goofy


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  1. U R So Useless 3:52
  2. G Minor Dance 2:33
  3. Calculator 3:30
  4. Flying Squid 1:29
  5. From Over Here 3:32
  6. Peggy With Her Lantern 2:35
  7. Angst Ain't Nothing But Love Misspelled 2:34
  8. Spider Diagram 3:57

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