Once More From Personal Experience

by nothing nothings


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nothings dot org

Once More From Personal Experience is my eighth "24-hour album" intended to meet the constraints of the Album-A-Day project. It was written, recorded, and mixed in about 24 hours on July 27, 2004.

The song titles were suggested by numerous friends of mine; thanks to Adam B, Ferret, zvi, RonE, Gunther, Elsie, and Smarry (consolation prizes to ddyte and NV, who both had titles on my short list, but didn't get used this time--and especially since I wrote lyrics for one of ddyte's titles but didn't record it, although they were extremely lame anyway).

(A week or two later I experimented with pitch-correcting my vocals on the first two songs; links to those versions are listed below, but aren't technically part of the 24-hour version.)

Once More From Personal Experience


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  1. You Aren't A Chef 2:14 (with pitch-corrected vocals)
  2. The Sun Picked Me Up, The Wind Blew Away My Clothes 2:58 (with pitch corrected vocals)
  3. Neck and Knees 1:43 (instrumental)
  4. Could Today Go Any Slower? 3:05
  5. I Loved You Twice 3:35
  6. Sun Starer's Retinal Afterimage 3:10 (instrumental)
  7. The Hobbit Mafia 2:37 (semi-cover)
  8. The Peroration of Difficulties 3:15 (instrumental)

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