Sean Barrett's Public Domain Music Sketchbook

Both these recordings and the compositions themselves found on this page are in the public domain. You can do anything you want with them without any legal obligation to give me credit, monetary compensation, or feedback. (My email address is sean at nothings dot org.)

The Sketchbook

These are generally quick, sloppy recordings, some written and recorded in under a half an hour. (These days, most probably take about two hours.) They contain glitches and mistakes; some are excessively repetitive. The instruments are mostly guitars, sometimes too many of them.

They're just ideas I had and kind of threw together to see how they went.

These copies are stereo 160 kbps mp3. (Losslessly-encoded full-quality versions are here.)

Favorites of mine and others are marked in bold.

Sketchbook Origin

The idea was inspired by seeing artists' sketchbook postings on various web journals, and for some reason I decided to do it roughly weekly; the idea to put them in the public domain was inspired in part by Lore Sjoberg's public domain tuesday weekly public domain drawings, and in part by the fact that I have no expectation of making any money from my music, so what the hell.

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