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Suggest a Title is my third "24-hour album" intended to meet the constraints of the Album-A-Day project. It was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in about 20 hours on September 26-27. (There's also a sequel written the next day.)

The song titles were suggested by numerous friends of mine. Thanks to Zvi, jwalrus, ddyte, Elsie, Emily, smarry, veep, and Caitlin.

Suggest a Title


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  1. What Precisely Is It You Expect Me To Believe 2:00
  2. Tremolo 1:43
  3. Under the Sofa1:44
  4. The Only Thing I Didn't Know 2:18
  5. Casual Pants 1:17
  6. You Are Unique 3:45
  7. Bathtub Blues: Tale of a Tub 0:55
  8. Girl Named Nothing 2:42
  9. Off The Top Of My Head 1:31
  10. Roswell Eyes 2:20 (instrumental)
  11. Two Chickens a Day 2:57

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