Where People Aren't

Summer, 2001

Imagine that all human beings on the planet suddenly disappeared all at once, leaving everything on Earth frozen the way it was at that instant. What would it look like? What would an alien archaeologist make of the world we've created? Where do we favor function over form, or not even notice the forms we've created?

This collection of photographs attempts to demonstrate what it would look like. To create the appearance of no human population, the photographer used clever tricks like finding a secluded country lane, waiting for joggers to run behind trees, or waking up early on a Sunday morning and beating the crowds (which, as that picture shows, didn't always suffice, even after an hour of patient waiting).

No photoshopping or other alterations of the photographs have been performed, except for resizing and compression.

Stairs and Footpaths
48 images

36 images

Boston Buildings
55 images

Open Spaces
21 images

18 images

Behind the Scenes
43 images

Public Art and Playgrounds
20 images

Elevated View
13 images

24 images

Washington D.C.
41 images

Harvard University, Boston
18 images

Harvard Stadium,
Soldier's Field
24 images

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