I took a ferry trip to Larkspur, and that evening, on September 4, 2003. Here are a few images from that trip. (These are cropped, and one is adjusted, deviating from my tradition of never manipulating my photos. The cropping makes them reminiscent of widescreen movies, although the motivation was just that the top and bottom of the full image were pretty boring.)

downtown San Francisco

we zoom between two big ships, the Bay Bridge in the distance

downtown Oakland, seen from Larkspur Ferry Terminal
(the sun was nearly setting in the opposite direction, so the buildings were very brightly lit--earlier you'd never make them out through the fot)

San Quentin, seen from Larkspur Ferry Terminal
(I had a great view earlier as I came in on the ferry, but I didn't know what it was)

Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge