Tom Swifties Written By An Author Willing To Go To Any Lengths To Make A Tom Swifty Thus Resulting In Constructions That Often Require More Work For Readers Than For The Author

Sean Barrett, 2012-01-23

"I'll worship any god who helps me steal people's trousers," Tom said pantheistically.

"Holding a light to guide Indiana Jones' way into a buried Peruvian temple is the best!" Tom said incandescently.

"Could I ever follow in Al Capone's footsteps?" pondered Tom Capone conscionably.

"I'm tired of helping Nigerian princes move their money to the USA," Tom complained inconsequentially.

"You may have to finish the Declaration, John; my hand is cramping up," Tom said significantly.

"It's gone because I led Galactus there," Tom said explanatorily.

"I made a lot of money before I became a female chicken's brother," Tom said incomprehensibly.

"Look how big my pen is," Tom said compensatorily — and then he was enlightened.

Thanks to my ifmud betatesters and to Dan Shiovitz for the title.