addled al enabled

From:Sean Barrett
Subject:addled al enabled
Organization:Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
    I checked if he had hid mice.  I had
hacked a GIF, illegal.  I had a belief I'd be
miffed if I lacked image.
    Aha!  A Bach CD hid a black cable.  Mice-able,
I imaged a GIF.  Mail came (a bell beebled)--BIFF.
    "FELCH ME", he babbled, "FLEA DICK."  Hell.
I'd failed.  I had a big headache--called "BIFF".
    I hailed a cab.  I had a feel I'd be dead if
I'd faced him.  He had mace, made him a big kill.

    "Backache.  Feel me?"
    "Bad call."  Female--bad head deal.
    "If I came back?"
    "Feed face, babe."  Chick'll make me imbibe.

    I checked a lead.  BIFF had a big cafe.
Checked if I'd be able...
    Hick kid made me.  "Flee", he laid me.
    "I had a deal...", I lied.
    "Feeble.  All claim a deal."
    "Hmm... I'll deal..."
    "Hi Chief," he added.
    "AHH... AL, HI," BIFF cackled.  He had
a bead.  Caged!  Agh... head kicked... black...

    A child, idle, had a game: dice, a camel,
a fake flail.  He had a meal: beef, a fig, mead.
He had a deaf eel, a dead elm.  He lacked black
mice.  Hmm... child had a BIFF head...

    "FILE?" BIFF giggled.  A jail cell.
Hell.  Big jam.  "I LACK CAKE..."
    "Jackal!  I'll kill..."
    "HA!  LICK ME, LAD."
    "Lame flame."
    "I'LL BE BACK."


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