billbill's astrological sign

From:Sean Barrett
Subject:billbill's astrological sign
Organization:Department of Statistics, TAMU

    You stand for freedom of expression, yet
you make your stand by restricting communication.
People try exploit you to their own benefit, but
everything you do is for the good of society--
or so you believe.  You are overly wordy.  While
you attempt to have no limits, even those that
clearly constrain any entity of your sort have
not actually been tested, and thus the justification
for your existence is conditional, and could in
truth be wiped out at any time.  Some people find
you threatening, and fear what would happen if
your philosophy were widely adopted.  Some
imitate you, but their imitation is less careful
than the original, and they are not visionaries.
While you pay close attention to your appearance,
you know it is your intentions that count.  

Horoscope for Friday, February 19

    Today offers new chances to spread your
vision.  The same old communication channels
reach new targets.  Philosophical clashes are
OPTICAL READ-WRITE MEDIA figure prominently.
Avoid challenges to your authority by being
flexible and making allowances.  A major
grant is on the horizon.

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