president bongo's astrological sign

From:Sean Barrett
Subject:president bongo's astrological sign
Organization:Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

    Those who work underneath you never forget
the experience.  Once you get started on something,
it is difficult to get you to change your course;
but many people respect your rigidity.  You tend
to keep your distance from people; only rarely
do you let yourself get close to them, and even
then, it's only close by relative standards.
Some people watch and record every move you make.
You bring joy to many people.  Deep down, you're
made of ice.  You don't mind the loneliness that
goes with your position.

Horoscope for Friday, February 19th:

    You will continue to follow the path
you are on, which is much the same as one
you've done many times before.  A public
appearance is not expected.  THE SPEED OF LIGHT
may try to stop or slow your ability to
communicate with others.  SCIENTIST seeks
information about you for his own purpose.
A good day for a Bar-B-Q.

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