Construction/Evolution 2

Subject:Construction/Evolution 2
Organization:Fraternity of Avian Deists
Summary:Construction/Evolution Construction set coming soon
He wished he knew why
the impression he had recently been
the metal spheroid which held
refused to come loose, and he,
He'd have liked it if
it happened today.

A hair's width, a mile, a light-year, the breadth of the universe;

Soon it would encounter
its enemy, tomorrow's fear,
clawing its way over the rough
walls of the narrow chamber, shining in reaction
and all this while avoiding giving off
a photon.

  It might be more interesting if
  it made any sense.

The thought, like a bony hooked knife,
immobile for what seemed an eternity,
the thought crystallized,
but only simple fear
gripped him deep inside.

All in all, this merely served to reinforce
the structure at one of its weak points, but
there wasn't much to be said for it.

Particles reflected off the
surfaces of his misshapen mind, giving
choices arrayed before him:
permittivity and permeability.

It was the most pronounced feature of
his ability, that he could see
the effect on his psyche.

It was a bit too late, though;
although if he had realized it,
he had known what was going on, but as it was,
he preferred the lack of precognition.

Cooly, he surveyed the
terrain that separated it from
yesterday's fashion news, the prince of
spelunking, although he was probably more scared of
the unknown beyond.

How far away could it be?

It's not as if he expected
the slightest hint that
he could see it there, still;
A ray of light, a beacon of
wreckage left over from the
mysterious accident of that morning.

The left, the middle, the right.

And so it was.

It said nothing.


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