by example

From:Sean Barrett
Subject:by example
Organization:Fraternity of Avian Deists
More and more I find that when
I'm at home alone I can't seem
to figure out just what I want
to be doing with my time. Many
of the things I occupy my time
with normally have lately been
of no interest to me. Why this
should suddenly be true I have
no real idea; as far as I know
nothing major has changed with
my life. Still, I wonder: what
is different?  Why should free
time be tougher for me to fill
up then it used to be? If life
had always been this way, most
of the neater things I've done
would never have been. So just
how did I get here? Which song
marked the end? And if it does
matter what I do, how can past
choices be overcome? When will
I think of an end to this post


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