From:Sean Barrett
Organization:Fraternity of Avian Deists
Summary:HYPERMODE ON (apologies for formatting conventions)
And when you have been viciously seduced
by the power, the elegance, the full frontal
exposure of HyperNews, we will spring HyperNet on you.

HyperNet, the GLOBAL distributed computing PROCESS.

You scoff, but you are confused.  HyperNet is NOT:
  Attempt to compile COMPLEX sophisticated program
  on every machine on the net, which is then unextendable.

It is not the slightly more intelligent:
  Compile not too-complex interpreter on every machine
  on the net.  Then programs are INTERPRETED, but new
  programs CAN be added easily.

This has problems, problems!  We're not so SILLY to take
this seriously.  curtis WOULD chew it to pieces.  Besides,
it runs 10-100 times SLOWER than normal programs!

  As the above, and we run big huge parallel programs
  that require synchronization frequently.  This forces
  fastest machines to slow down to rate of slow machines.
  Since synchronization is over the internet, it's slow.
  This brings us another factor of slowdown of 100-10000 times.

This amazing program runs at a relative rate (to slowest machine) of:
  (estimate of size of internet) / (10,000...1,000,000)!

No, this is NOT HyperNet.  You have misunderstood us.

HyperNet is direct.  It is local.  And it hardly steals
any valuable machine time or bandwidth.

  Compile a very small, simple program on every machine on
  the net.  Tell it about all its local connections.
  Run them all at once.

HyperNet with think and talk and play games and do you
useful things.  HyperNet can be made to do knew things
just by telling it to.

HyperNet is a neural-net simulation run distributedly
across the entire Internet.

Let YOUR TI 99/4a contribute to the greatest AI project

some restrictions may apply

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