I cannot resist an article with my name in the subject
line, especially not such a beautifully justified one.
As much as I regret giving Sean the screaming meemies,
I must come out of the closet, as it were, and take my
place in that select group which includes the Delanos,
the Sneeches, and now the Sterns -- that's right, I am
talking about the dreaded "My Entire Family Is A Bunch
Of Net-Heads" syndrome.  Of course, my brothers aren't
bored enough to post to talk.bizarre, but I see traces
of them on other newsgroups all the time.  Even though
Sean knows my brother (the older of the two, I'm going
to guess, because he's the major cards player and also
the one with a girlfriend) as a real person and not as
only a name in an article header, I still see the main
connection as being through computers.  So if you read
a netnews article by someone named Stern, with a first
name which begins with a vowel and is not very common,
you will know that we are here, we are everywhere, the
few, the proud, the Sterns.  I should also add that my
original intention was not to write a nicely justified 
article a la Sean, but that when the first three lines
somehow worked out by themselves, I felt obligated and
continued.  However, this is harder than I thought so I'll quit now.		9/18/63	8/17/68		5/18/70
the whole Stern Gang		
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