a christmas poem

From:Sean Barrett
Subject:a christmas poem
Organization:Fraternity of Avian Deists
Anagrammatic Story

I am a cog--mar Santa try
A most angry CIA tram
It cost a rag, my man, or
A scar at my margin, to
Arm canary, moist tag

I'm at most a gray narc
Gamma... I rancor.  Tasty
Masticatory gram.  An
Agnostic, a martyr, am
I.  Ram a most angry cat.

I'm an actor, my rag sat
to stain my crag, ram a
A toy mat.  Cram grains,
Mama!  Artistry can go,
Armor can stay, I'm tag.

Am arty: A ring to scam,
My arm in a cast, to rag
Crony, a magma artist
Maim gnat: a sorry act
Cat on a mat, grim rays

O Magic Martyr, Santa
Acts a grim mantra, oy
Art a misty cargo man

yong mi, a star, car mat:
A try at orgasmic man.
Try a romantic saga, am
A saint toy.						Grammar: C.

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