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1Thanks 2:11 -- lyrics
2Love at First Sight 2:47 -- lyrics
3The Perfect Song 4:44 -- lyrics
4In Bed 4:21 -- lyrics
5Anymore 3:12 -- lyrics
6Punch 3:19 -- (insturmental)
7Things 3:48 -- lyrics
8Seven Hours Ago 2:37 -- lyrics
9No Turning Back 3:44 -- lyrics
10The One 3:03 -- lyrics

128Kbps mp3 files, about 1MB per minute

Recorded 2000-2002 at Lemming Studios V, Boston MA; Lemming Studios VI, Oakland CA; Lemming Mobile, Oakland CA.

Written, performed, engineered, mixed, and mastered by nothing nothings.

Thanks to Chris&Jen for support; Lisa G., Elsie, and Gena for inspiration.

recordings Copyright 2002, nothing nothings
songs Copyright 1991-2002, Sean Barrett

Metaboy notes

This "album" is a collection of the best of the songs (of this sort) that I've written over the last ten years or so; I only write about two songs a year.

The recordings were made in 2000-2001 in my apartment in Somerville, MA; 2001-2002 in Oakland, CA, both in my apartment and in Chris & Jen's house.

Recordings were made on a Roland VS-1880 hard drive recorder. Most guitars were recorded using the Roland VG-88 guitar processor. Synthesizer sounds provided by the Alesis QS 6.1 keyboard. Drums consist of the Roland TD-7-based electronic drum kit. Vocals and acoustic guitars were recorded through a Rode NT-1 microphone.



Love at First Sight

When I play this live1 I reverse the pronouns of the second-to-last-line.


The Perfect Song

Inspired by a crush on a singer

September, 2001

In Bed

Sometimes I'm fairly silly.

I wish I'd put more time into the song; I hate the 2nd verse.



I wrote the oddly-structured music first, then later fit words to it.



What a versatile word!



What is it? It's it.


Seven Hours Ago

A very curious song; it demonstrates the seven chords A, B, C, D, E, F, and G (all major) in an interesting way (see the lyrics). All told it uses ten different major chords and six minor chords.


No Turning Back

I originally wrote this song with a different set of words; Jim Donahue wrote some of the main bass riff. Later I wrote entirely new words for it.

1990 (music), 1991 (lyrics)

The One


1 I've never played this live.

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