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October 22, 2014: Music for Plastic Instruments

everything below here is demo quality or worse


April 1, 2012: No Foolin', an improvised instrumental 24-hour album

February-March, 2011: 2011 music sketchbook (aka music sketchbook #3; information about the tracks here

January 11, 2009: Long Time All C, an instrumental 24-hour album/song

January 4, 2009: Snow Din, an instrumental 24-hour album

July 4, 2006: Fire Works, an instrumental 24-hour album

July 1, 2006: Lazy Piano Morning, an instrumental 2-hour album

June 2006: Punch, a new recording of an old instrumental

January-June 2005: public domain music sketchbook #2, 1 instrumental every week

March 23, 2004: Sudden Cabin Decompression, an instrumental 4-hour album

January-December 2003: public domain music sketchbook, 52 instrumentals, one per week [with descriptions and recommendations]

Winter 1998-1999: Several instrumental tracks authored using Acid, a loop-based music production tool

1992: nothing different, a collection of mostly-pretty instrumentals (4-track)

1989: Five, a collection of ten instrumentals in 5/8 time (4-track)

(involuntary) collaborations

February, 2009: The Song That Never Was - All It Takes - Added backing tracks to a song by Imogen Heap which was never completed by her (she released the vocal tracks explicitly for fan creations). Also another, totally different version: Up To It.

April, 2004: Bad Dreams remix - added backing tracks to a 2002 Song Fight entry by 15-16 puzzle, a la my PJ Harvey remixes. Posted with permission.

January, 2004: an instrumental (2MB mp3) recorded faux-live with my brother on a boombox over the Christmas holidays

music with vocals

September 9, 2012: abandoned 24-hour album, a failed attempt at recording an album in 24 hours

May 18, 2005: Fictional Characters Get All The Girls, another album written and recorded in 24 hours

July 27, 2004: Once More From Personal Experience, another album written and recorded in 24 hours

January 31, 2004: Seven Sins, Seven Dwarfs, another album written and recorded in 24 hours

November 15, 2003: I M So Goofy, another album written and recorded in 24 hours

September 27, 2003: Suggest a Title and Suggest a Title 2, two "albums" written and recorded in 24 hours

September 12, 2003: Font of Wisdom, another album written and recorded in 24 hours

September 7, 2003: Doppleganger: Frenzy, an album written and recorded in 24 hours

2000-2002: METABOY, a collection of vocal songs written over the years


Music for Plastic Instruments
October 22, 2014: a polished math rock album

abandoned 24-hour album
September 9, 2012: an uncompleted 24-hour album

No Foolin'
April 1, 2012: a forty-minute instrumental album improvised in 4 hours

Current Equipment & Technology (~2015):

  • Steinberger Spirit guitar
  • Fender Precision Bass Special
  • Yamaha acoustic guitar
  • Rode NT1-A microphone

Previous Equipment & Technology (~2011):

  • Roland VG-99 ("physical modelling" guitar processor")
  • Ibanez RX-series guitar (primary guitar for VG-99)
  • Roland VDrums (TD-30 and TD-12
  • Alesis QS 6 synthesizer
Previous previous equipment & technology (~2008)

  • Roland VG-88 ("physical modelling" guitar processor)
  • Roland HD-1 electronic drums

Previous previous previous equipment & technology (~2006 and earlier)

  • Pro Tools LE
  • Roland VS-1880 (18-track digital recorder) with 2 FX boards
  • Digitech Studio Quad (4-channel multifx)
  • Roland TD-7 electronic drums (used on Metaboy and Suggest-A-Title)
  • Ibanez bass guitar
Used infrequently:
  • Ebow guitar sustainer
  • Roland GR-30 guitar synthesizer (used on Suggest-A-Title and Once More From Personal Experience)
  • American Fender Stratocaster guitar
  • Rogue fretless bass
  • Yamaha classical guitar

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